ZOOM Sky Bar @ Anantara Bangkok Sathorn – ENG

It was our great pleasure to be invited to Zoom Sky Bar at Anantara Hotel Sathorn. From the deck of 40th floor, Zoom offers such a majestic view of Bangkok Metropolis. We arrived a little bit before sunset, just in time to savor the romantic moment as the rosy hue slowly vanished, and glittery lights started to shimmer against the night sky.

Zoom Skybar is definitely one of the best rooftop restaurants, with a chic decoration and fantastic food and drinks. Hearing that Zoom offered unparalleled cocktails, we ordered a few to test them out. First up was Smoked Flitt (370B). As alluded in the name, this fancy test tubes were filled with smoke from smoked berry tea. I loved the feeling when the strong whiff of smoke hit you as you took a sip of that pleasant blend of raspberry, lychee and rum. The next drink we tried was equally successful. The foamy Salt Air Margarita played on the usual sprinkled salt on the glass rim, which this time around, the chef transformed the salt component into an airy salty foam on the top. Another unusual combination was White Chocolate Magarita (370B). The creaminess from white chocolate worked surprisingly well with Magarita along with a light touch of honey and cinnamon. Last off, we ordered their signature Mango Martini (370B). The molecular gastronomy master served us ‘fresh mango sphere’ which exploded in your mouth. There is no wonder why this drink became instantaneous hit.


Following the cocktails, we started with the spicy Hawaiian tuna tartar (300B). Then, we moved to Crispy Pork Belly (300B) which was rendered traditional Chinese style, with impressively crisp skin that everyone was looking for. Once the main course came out, we forgot about the scenery and everything else around us.

Their popular Hokkaido scallop and tuna (600B) was so beautifully presented that we could hardly take our eyes off the dish. The combination of top ingredients such as ‘jumbo diver scallop’ fresh from Hokkaido, perfectly seared ‘akami tuna’ together with the rich ‘tarragon reduction’ and a note of spiciness from avocado wasabi totally culminated into a masterpiece. But, wait! There is more trick to the dish. On top of the scallops, the chef added Lemon caviar, which went through spherification process similar to the mango sphere. The tanginess of this wonderful little lemon beads really made the flavor popped. Seriously, this is a dish not to be missed.


The second main course we had was Sea bass (700B). The fish itself was really well-executed – crispy skin, tender meat, served with asparagus, carrots and pancetta (Italian bacon). The part I liked best about this dish is the ‘lemon & soy sauce butter’ which tied together all the flavor exceptionally well.


We ended the night on a very high note as the dessert was truly divine. Pineapple Malibu (250B) was creatively conceived through the playfulness and technical mastery of the chef, where local “Phulae” pineapple were served with the crispy ‘peanut brittle’ and the amazing ‘piña colada crème’ made of whipping crème, coconut milk and Malibu. I could totally devour pints after pints of this wonderful piña colada crème. And of course, the dish would not be complete without some molecular gastronomy magic so the chef added ‘coriander sugar’, which I presumed was dehydrated or frozen form of coriander juice.


As the night grew, the rooftop became much more energetic with expanding crowd enjoying the nightlife and extraordinary dining experience. If you are considering a place to chill out with a view of Bangkok and great food and drink, I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. We definitely enjoyed ourselves immensely and cannot wait to come back and try all other fancy dishes Zoom offers on their fascinating menu.

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