A la carte brunch @ Scalini, Hilton Sukhumvit – ENG

Situated inside Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel in Sukhumvit 24, Scalini restaurant is easily accessible by car and by BTS. The restaurant is decorated with 1920s Prohibition-style.


And as we entered, we marveled at the wondrous décor that made us feel as if we have just stepped into a scene in the Great Gatsby.


Scalini recently started to offer all-you-can-eat A-la-carte brunch where you can choose your favorite dishes from their extensive menu and have them served at just the right timing and temperature at your table.


This A-la-carte brunch is priced at 2200 net (excluding beverages) or 2500 net (with tea, coffee and fruit juices included). The great thing about this concept is that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of your cozy corner while food keeps flowing incessantly to your table as per your order. It is also wonderful that they are serving this brunch on both Saturday and Sunday.


Once seated, we were promptly served assorted breads with a whole clove of roasted garlic and two dips – chickpea and mushroom.


Apart from these two creamy and tasty dips, you also can enjoy Scalini’s high quality virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette if you want to have your breads Italian style. Their breads were still warm and worked so well together with the condiments. And right then, we knew that this would be a great meal indeed.


Since there are such a vast varieties of dishes to choose from, we started with the “refreshing appetizers” category. Oyster Fine de Claire with caviar and Prosecco foam was superb. I can’t quite imagine what else would be as refreshing as fresh and sweet oyster together with foamy feel of sparkling white wine.


I do recommend ordering oysters to kick off your meal. And yes, keep ordering them throughout the entire meal too.


Next up was Smoked king salmon blini, chives, crème fraiche . The salmon tasted quite different from other smoked salmon so we inquired about it. Chef Egidio Latorraca graciously came out to explain to us that this was “Gravlax Salmon” which has been marinated with sugar and salt for days. For a special touch, the chef has added a little bit of grapefruit which gave the pleasant citrusy flavor to the dish.


We then ordered Tuscan Bruschetta, Portobello mushrooms, caprino cheese . The portobello mushroom and cheese worked fantastic together. I especially liked the textural contrast between the crispy toast and the softness of mushroom and cheese.


Another wonderful dish they served here was Italian steak tartare . The flavor profile of the dish was quite different from any other I have tried. Chef Egidio revealed his secret that he used truffle mayonnaise and toned down other flavors such as that of the capers so that the overall flavor would not over-power other dishes. I was impressed with how the chef seemed to pay attention to all the little details.


We slowly made our way through the menu and ordered dishes from “Morning Glory Wakes up!” Egg Norwegian, smoked salmon, bagel bread, chives béarnaise cream became one of our favorites with the egg poached just right. As expected, the runny yolk oozed out as we sunk our knives into it. The bagel was crispy. The smoked salmon and the cream balanced each other out perfectly. I would have ordered another if we didn’t have a long list of other things to try still.


Vegetable Frittata on toast, tapenade, rocket salad also did not disappoint. Frittata was firm and well-flavored. The vegetables were blanched before incorporated into the frittata so they didn’t taste too ‘green’. For salad-lovers, there were four salad dishes you can choose from “Organic Royal Project Farm”.


Seasonal mix salad, bell peppers comfit, lemon ricotta, cherries dressingwould be our recommendation as I cannot seem to get enough of that wonderfully creamy and tangy lemon ricotta.
The next category truly excited us. “Seafood and fish market” included well thought out dishes such as Sauteed black mussels, Espelette chili, white wine sauce and Swordfish belly, foie gras, onion compote, miso .



The star, however, was Refreshing pacific rock lobster, Confit potato, Kalamata and sautéed baby spinach which was grilled to perfection – you can smell the charcoal, but the meat was not overdone.


“Main Affaire Event” continued to wow us with yet more impressive dishes. Roasted Australian Rib eye, butternut puree and white mushroom sauce blew us away with the juicy beef and the creamy butternut puree. Putting some orange zests into the butternut puree was a genius move as the citrusy flavor really cut through the beef and made the whole dish popped.


Slow cooked lamb ribs, truffle puree, lentil stew was so tender it melt in our mouth.


As an Italian restaurant, Scalini’s homemade pasta was a force to be reckoned with. Orechiette pasta, pork sausage, Portobello mushrooms, spicy tomato was authentically Italian as can be.


The risotto dishes – Risotto, wild mushrooms, balsamic syrup and Ferron rice risotto with pan fried foie gras were fabulously creamy and decadent.




And of course, we cannot talk about Italian food without talking about pizza. The thin and crispy crust of their Seafood pizza, calamari, tuna, salmon, prawns, onions, chili, oregano won us over quite easily as well.


Once we were quite full with savory dishes, we moved on to “Grandmother Finale” which offered us Italian famous desserts like Scalini Tiramisu as well as many other sweet tooth’s favorites like the tangy Lemon Tart , the smooth and creamy Blueberry cheese cake , the fruity Provencal strawberry tart and the decadent Chocolate cake .







Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with high quality food and spot-on flavor profile of Scalini’s dishes. In my view, the wonderful experience you would have here totally make the slightly high price worth it. This is definitely a place I would highly recommend to friends and family alike.


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